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  • Some articles (like this one from USA Today have mentioned that in '21 he made a small donation to the Progressive Turnout Project, and it’s interesting that that’s missing from this article. Did it turn out to not be true or did they purposefully omit that?

    I’m from Yurop so I don’t even pretend to understand the election system in the US let alone PA, but I’ve seen some comments that led me to understand that he could well be a Democrat even though he was a “registered Republican” because there might not even be good D candidates for him to vote for in PA, and many D voters tactically vote for the least bad R candidate.

    Not sure him being a “gun lover” really necessarily paints him as a Republican either; Americans regardless of party affiliation can be pretty… uh, enthusiastic about guns, although yeah it does seem to be more common on the right but I’m not sure it’s enough to draw any conclusions from it.

    And just so there’s no misunderstandings, I really don’t have a dog in this hunt so I’m not looking to blame Democrats for the shooting, I’m just trying to digest the news I’ve been reading.

  • That’s absolutely understandable, it but it’s not where I’m coming from – which of course you wouldn’t be able to know just based on what I wrote. I’m more of an emotional softie, and a feminine enby in addition to being a huge nerd, and while I really do love movies that give me feels, the Nolan ham just didn’t work for me in Interstellar.

  • Ah well that’s certainly fair enough, I had no idea it’s a Google-encumbered format.

    Not sure I’ve ever “voluntarily” converted something to webp. Many Lemmy instances’ pict-rs setups seem to use it, my home instance sopuli.xyz obviously being one of them, which I guess is a sort of a funny choice considering

  • hydroptic@sopuli.xyzOPtoScience Memes@mander.xyzCan't argue with that logic
    12 days ago

    I really wanted to like Interstellar, but that whole “love can transcend dimensions” thing just really killed it for me. I mean the notion is lovely and so on, but it’d been doing a pretty good job at being a hard scifi story so it felt like a letdown to have that sort of hokey explanation for the big picture, like the Nolans just gave up with the script at some point

  • hydroptic@sopuli.xyzOPtoMemes@lemmy.mlThis is unironically fine
    12 days ago

    Exactly so!

    While I’ll definitely do what I can to try and influence the trajectory we’re on I’m just one person with very little power, and I’m not exactly optimistic about how things are going and figure that at some point something like this meme will be the best I can do